The IPLS association

The IPLS association defines and safeguards the IPLS concept. We provide information and guidance to ICT-companies planning to organise their company based on IPLS. We certify companies that are organised and working according to the building blocks, principles, processes, standards and core values of IPLS and we support IPLS certified companies with lots of practical and helpful information to keep on living the IPLS way. 


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The IPLS concept

IPLS stands for ‘Intelligent Power of Large and Small’ and combines the power and advantages of a large-scale ICT company and the power and advantages of a small start-up.

Typically, a large-scale ICT-company comes with structure, competence centres, well-defined processes, expertise and scalability, but often lacks flexibility, speed, ownership and entrepreneurship. A smaller, start-up ICT-company comes with flexibility, an entrepreneurial mindset, speed and ownership, but often misses structure, multiple competences, clear processes and scalability.

IPLS merges the advantages of large ICT-companies and small start-up ICT-companies into one. This results in a powerful, extremely flexible, scalable and highly efficient software development organisation.


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The 5 IPLS building blocks

IPLS exists out of 5 major and integrated building ‘blocks'


IPLS-building blocks

Building block #1

IPLS customer centric development teams bring development power


IPLS-building blocks

Building block #2

IPLS consultants bring expertise, knowledge and guidance to IPLS teams


IPLS-building blocks

Building block #3

IPLS processes bring structure in your organisation. There are non-negotiable and flexible processes


IPLS-building blocks

Building block #4

IPLS development methodology, Agile but injected and enriched by Waterfall


IPLS-building blocks

Building block #5

IPLS core values bring value to IPLS companies and their customers




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IPLS certification

Being certified is not mandatory when you follow IPLS. You can work perfectly well in line with or based on IPLS without one of the official IPLS certificates. However, when you want to state in your communication that you work IPLS based, it is required to have one of the official IPLS certificates, granted by the IPLS association. 


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IPLS wiki


We provide information and guidance to ICT-companies planning to organise or organising their company based on IPLS. To do so, we share lots of information about all kind of IPLS related topics in what we call our IPLS wiki. 


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The IPLS development train

For complex development projects, IPLS uses the so-called IPLS development train.
The IPLS development train exits out of a locomotive and one or more wagons, instructed, guided and monitored by a central dispatching.


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The IPLS development train station

For extra large development projects or projects combining the development power of multiple companies and/or suppliers, IPLS uses IPLS development train station concept.


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