An association to drive IPLS


When in 2016 the IPLS concept was taking shape, several ICT-entrepreneurs showed interest in IPLS and more and more companies started to follow and implement the IPLS concept, the initiators and driving forces behind the IPLS concept decided to start the IPLS association.



The core activities and purpose of the IPLS association


The primary purpose of the IPLS association is to further develop, define and safeguard the IPLS concept in order to provide interested companies with the required information about IPLS. However, it soon became clear that there was a need for more than just providing information about IPLS.


A number of companies willing to implement IPLS indicated that they would like to get support and guidance with this implementation process. So we started to guide and support ICT-companies that wanted to implement IPLS. In the early days this guidance and support was quite ad hoc, but step by step it became more ‘grown-up’ and nowadays the guidance and support is well-organised. And not to forget, always done by members of the association, experienced by day by day working based on IPLS in their own company.


And to ensure that IPLS is implemented and followed correctly and to recognize companies that work based on IPLS, the association also organizes and manages a certification process of IPLS companies.



An association of driven members/contributors


People with a proven knowledge of IPLS can join the association as a member/contributor and contribute to the mission of the IPLS association. All members of the IPLS association are working in IPLS certified ICT-companies or companies following IPLS. They are the ambassadors and brains of the IPLS concept. The IPLS association members meet regurarely to discuss the IPLS concept, proposed improvements and finetunings, membership and certification requests, share ideas, discuss learnings, challenges, .... You can become a member of the IPLS association by submitting a membership request via email to There is no membership fee to be paid. Expenses to be paid in order to participate in events of the association need to be born by the individual members itself.


Every three years the members of the IPLS association elect the IPLS board existing out of (1) the chairman, (2) the secretary, (3) the IPLS Membership & Certification Request Officer, (4) the IPLS Certification Onboarding Team officer and (5) the IPLS Certification Audit Team officer. The IPLS board is responsible for the daily management of the IPLS association. The members of the board are not getting any renumeration and are working on a strictly voluntary basis. 




Mission statement of the IPLS association


The mission statement of the IPLS association is quite straight forward. We want to give ICT-companies a unique way to create a highly efficient and professional software development organisation delivering top quality applications and services through implementing and following IPLS.