The non-negotiable IPLS processes: followed by everyone without exception


The non-negotiable IPLS processes are processes that are followed by each IPLS team and every IPLS consultant without exception, like e.g.

  • security
  • release management
  • infrastructure
  • code reviewing
  • Git-use
  • code reviewing
  • CAPA (corrective action, preventive action) appraoch
  • PERT estimation technique
  • budget versus actuals updates
  • naming conventions
  • coding standards
  • development environments
  • use of project management application
  • hypercare phase
  • People Back-up Plan


Several of the non-negotiable IPLS processes are DevOps related. IPLS stimulates and encourages DevOps and the use of tools to increase (process) efficiency.




Visit the IPLS wiki for more info about IPLS related topics 


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