IPLS customer centric development team: the core of IPLS


The first building block of the IPLS concept is a customer centric development team. The IPLS teams are the core of IPLS and exist out of ideally 4 to 5 developers and one dedicated tester / business analyst. Each IPLS team is headed by a team lead who is the primus inter pares (the first among equals) of the team.


An IPLS team is not set-up for one single project but works together for several years. As the team members are working together for a long period, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, resulting in a strong and intense collaboration.


An entrepreneurial mindset, flexibility, ownership, accountability, and a close collaboration with the customer are driving and key factors of an IPLS team. As an IPLS team sees no boundaries in their commitment, they traditionally adopt an object in astronomy like a planet, a moon, a star, a nebula, … as team name.


Although an IPLS team acts like a small enterprise, it is not an island or acting on its own. The IPLS concept includes guidance and support from experienced IPLS consultants and strong and well-defined IPLS processes.


When an IPLS team is in between 2 customer projects, they will not go 'to-the-beach' but stick together to work on specific internal projects to enhance their skills.  


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