Documents to be provided related to building block 2 (IPLS consultants)


To proof that you work with IPLS consultants, you should provide at least following documents: 

  • A detailed description of your company’s organisation clearly mentioning and listing the different IPLS consultants.
  • An overview of the IPLS consultants within your organisation, including their names, contact details, specialisation, years of experience, role and responsibilities, the projects they were (are) involved, the IPLS teams they are guiding.
  • A detailed description of how IPLS consultants are guiding and supporting IPLS teams in a pro-active and re-active way within your organisation.
  • Proof that you have at least IPLS consultants with competences in architecture, UI/UX, security, server dimensioning, database management, application performance, CSS & design implementation, project management, testing, business analysis. In case an IPLS consultant combines multiple competences, you should indicate how much time (in %) the IPLS consultant spends on each competence on a monthly base. 



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